Jonathan Rusted

Jonathan Rusted has been involved with Manna Bakery Limited for over 10 years, while attending school and university. He has worked in most roles in the business, having served stints as a baker, cook, delivery driver and retail sales clerk, as he honed his skills.

While completing his university education at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Jon made the decision to pursue a career with Manna Bakery Limited. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and now serves as Vice President of the firm. A life long competitive athlete, Jon takes particular interest in continuing the legacy of products and menu items that are both healthful and good tasting.

As an athlete, Jon is well known in local swimming, and basketball circles. He is also a competitive sailor. He has had a long association with the Memorial University Seahawks Men’s Basketball team, and currently plays Division One Basketball in the St. John’s Men’s League. As a sailor Jon has participated in most of the local sailing race events, and as well sailed as crew in the 2010 Route Halifax Saint Pierre Yacht Race.

Currently Jon volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors for the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.