About Manna European Bakery & Deli

Our History

Manna Bakery commenced in 1983, as the in-store bakery for another speciality food store in St. John’s.The bakery’s operator, Jindra Fodor, felt she would be best able to present the products and the style of service she required at new premises on Freshwater Road. These premises have been occupied since 1986. Manna Bakery has expanded several times to accommodate changing needs so at present the business occupies nearly 5,000 square feet of retail, dining and production space.

In 1992 the Rusted Family acquired the company and has continued to add products and services, while remaining true to what made Mrs. Fodor successful. The tradition of high quality, healthful food continues.

We enjoy working with our customers, and together we create a beautiful and amazing experience that brings positive results and complete satisfaction.

Our Senior Staff

Manna Bakery is renowned for the finest of foods. But this would not be possible without our dedicated and talented staff. Our staff is well trained in the art of food preparation and can prepare foods made to your exact specifications.

Christopher Rusted

Christopher Rusted has been involved in the foodservice and hospitality industry for much of his nearly 50 years of business experience.

For over 20 years he was involved as chief operating officer of a major fast food chain with locations in various parts of Newfoundland.

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Jonathan Rusted

Jonathan Rusted has been involved with Manna Bakery Limited for over 10 years, while attending school and university. He has worked in most roles in the business, having served stints as a baker, cook, delivery driver and retail sales clerk, as he honed his skills.

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Alison Penton

Alison Penton

Alison is a multi-talented individual who has been a key part of the Manna Bakery family for over 15 years. A native of one of what, according to the Flat Earth Society is one of the four corners of the earth, Fogo Island, Alison is an important member of the Manna Bakery family. Alison has worked in many parts of the business, but leads in the areas of Administration, Accounting, and Staff Training.

Randy Templeman

Manna Baker

Randy Templeman is the head baker here at Manna Bakery and has been with us for over 20 years. With Randy’s passion and enthusiasm for baking, he has been a major part of our success.